University College Cork (UCC) 

University College Cork (UCC) is a university situated in south-west Ireland that was founded as a Queen’s College in 1845. The Universities Act 1997 established UCC as an independent autonomous university with powers to award and accredit its own degrees and qualifications. The university has approximately 20,000 full-time students and about 2,000 part-time students. About 3,000 students are international. UCC is one of the leading research institutions in the State and its research income is consistently one of the highest in the country. UCC offers a research-led curriculum that attracts the highest calibre of students, with over 120 degree and professional programmes delivered by 65 academic units (Schools) based within the four Colleges of the University. The University offers higher education qualifications in almost all disciplines from undergraduate honours level right through to post graduate doctoral levels (levels 7-10 on the Irish National Qualifications Framework – NQF).

University College Cork is a collegiate university with a long tradition of excellence in research and teaching and is ranked among the top 200 universities in the OS World University Rankings. The high quality education provided, enriched by a distinctive university experience, is sustained by demand from highly qualified applicants from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. The University is outward looking and actively engaged in a range of innovative developments in research, teaching and learning. UCC has been involved in many international projects, ranging from Tempus through to involvement in reviews and development activities run by Quality Assurance Agencies across Europe.

One of the university’s key strategic goals is the advancement of the internationalization agenda of the university and this goal applies to all areas of activity of the University and includes support for projects aimed at developing HEIs in other jurisdictions, including quality assurance in programme approval and recognition. UCC is highly engaged in civic and community engagement, valuing its societal contribution as a defining element of its identity. UCC is unique in the Higher Education sector having set out an ambitious 5 year Civic Engagement plan with commitments in physical and organisational infrastructure, teaching and research that promise significant positive impact on UCC’s academic, research and teaching environment, and crucially, its relationship with the community.