Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences (AISS) 

Anugraha Institute of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Research, established in 1989, is one the pioneering institutions of counseling & psychotherapy in India. In line with its motto, “Touch to Recreate”, Anugraha provides both training and service in the field. “Anugraha” (the Sanskirit word meaning “House of Grace) has trained around 14000 persons and has reached out to over 9000 persons with its free-counseling and psychotherapy service over the years. Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences (AISS), affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University, was established as the academic wing of Anugraha in 2010. AISS offers 7 Under Graduate Programs, 4 Post Graduate Programs, 2 M. Phil programs and 2 Post Graduate Diploma programs with over 850 students in the current year. It is raised into a Research Institute in January 2018 and offers Ph.D programs in three disciplines.
A classroom rooted in the field-based learning offers AISS an advantageous place. It is the pioneer institution to design field-based post-graduate program in counseling and psychotherapy in Tamilnadu, India. While its syllabus is adopted by other colleges, there are over seven colleges in South India who enrol their students in AISS for field based learning, skill training and personality development workshops. Given its expertise, students from Sri Lanka, Bharma, Africa and Papua New Guinea do enrol in AISS. However, AISS primarily serves first generation college-goers from rural villages, especially the girls. The commitment to optimize the future of rural youth and specially girls is a mark of its context sensitivity as education of the rural girls is a dire need in this part of the world.
Animated by the Franciscan values of connectedness, equanimity and care, it aims at holistic development of the person along with a degree certificate and a profession. In particular, spends time and energy in the personal growth process of the student along with academic learning. Further, the varied out-reach programs of Anugraha intend to shape a socially conscious and contributing student. AISS trains and guides its students to reach out to people in need of physical and emotional support, instilling in them a culture of giving. In particular, they focus on helping school students offering life-skills, creating mental health awareness in the villages and enhancing family well-being. Culture sensitivity is yet another resource of AISS. AIIS offers program that incorporates Indian cultural specific resources like yoga and mudras, making its programme integrative and holistic.